Monday, June 18, 2007

Update on Electricity Baseline

OK. I had asked the question in the comments of the 90% FAQ over at Simple Living about converting the standard heating energy numbers to kWh for those of us with all-electric homes. John was kind enough to reply, with the end result being the following: "So, if you wanted to follow standard energy practice, an all electric househould would get 1000 therms x 29.3 / 3 = 9767 kWh added to their alottment (natural gas is more efficient for heat) for heating purposes." Given that number we would be allowed 20,767 kWh annually as the current US average, so a 90% reduction would be 2,076.7 kWh annually, or 173.06 kWh per month. This puts us currently at 65.26% of the national average, which is much less daunting than 123%. :)

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